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Skip Count and Subitize for Ages 5-7 Years

Counting is mostly learned by memorizing numbers without

understanding numeracy. The story builds an understanding of numbers

and of the mathematics. It cultivates young math minds.

–– Christina, Math Educator/Author

It's market day! On Saturday mornings, the streets buzz with excitement in the town of Whatever. Misha and Iliana are taking the train from the city to the town’s Street Market.

Ruby the ice cream maker has a long line of kids at her ice cream truck. Iliana counts the cones and finds there are not enough for all the kids in line.


Farmer Antonio uses special boxes to help count his fruits but still has trouble remembering how many he sells. Meanwhile, the musicians and dancers move to the rhythm of the market beat!

Join Iliana, Misha, Farmer Antonio, and Ruby in this math adventure. Help Farmer Antonio and Ruby learn new ways to count and keep track!


In this book, children discover number sense by examining different ways to represent numbers and record quantities, as well as practicing skip counting and growing their innate subitizing abilities.

The math activities take off from the Common Core Benchmarks for Grade 1.

The story weaves together the following MATH IDEAS:

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Downloadable Templates of manipulables and games

Check out the Lesson Plans aligned to math state standards

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