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Area and Square Inch Tiles for Ages 5-7 Years

The town of Whatever is growing. More families want to live in its neighborhoods of rolling hills and colorful trees and flowers. The town is known for its cooperative community.

Today, the MathXplorers, Misha, Bikoy, Iliana, and Amyel are working with their friends in the town of Whatever to design new model houses. Architect Pipa will be guiding the design teams as they create their floor plans and house designs.

Using graphing paper and square-inch tiles, the floor plans will include 1,2,3,4 and 5-bedroom houses. Compute the total your way!

Join the community and the MathXplorers in designing floor plans and houses.

In this book, children discover measurement by exploring area and square-inch tiles, and applying addition, skip counting, and different adding and counting strategies to get the area of their floor plans.

The math activities take off from the Common Core Benchmarks for Grade 1.

The story weaves together the following MATH IDEAS:

The vocabulary is not watered down to leveled reading levels.

Students are exposed to the appropriate words with clear descriptions

and contexts that make so much sense!

– University Professor/Specialist in Children’s Math and Literature

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Downloadable Templates of manipulables and games

Check out the Lesson Plans aligned to math state standards

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