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Algebraic Thinking for Ages 5-7 Years

Maya uses her imagination to sew colorful clothes with unique designs. She always includes her friend Ramon’s special buttons, which he makes with wood from the forest.


Maya and Ramon have a problem! The shirt they’ve made for a very tall man is missing some buttons, and Ramon does not have enough of the same buttons to fix it!


Their friend, Bikoy, thinks math can help Maya and Ramon find a solution. Join Maya, Ramon, and Bikoy in this math adventure. Help them solve the problem!

In this book, children discover algebraic thinking by adding to, putting together, and using the equal sign to represent a numeric answer.

The math activities take off from the Common Core Benchmarks for Grade 1.

The story weaves together the following MATH IDEAS:

We need to change educators’ mindsets from “can” to “how.”

“How” did he count to 5 rather than “can” he count to 5?

– Aileen, Associate Director at AIMS 

Center for Math and Science Education

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Downloadable Templates of manipulables and games

Check out the Lesson Plans aligned to math state standards

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