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Intercultural Stories
make math learning
connected, exciting,
& fun!


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Become a math storyteller!

Use the power of storytelling
to give children the joy of math learning!

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Area & Length

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Number Sense

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Spatial Thinking

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Algebraic Thinking

Stories give purpose

to math ideas

and processes


Story elements

make math ideas


Achieve dual learning goals  with


math applications

Make mathematical sense, and

problem-solve like mathematicians

Imagine math learning

that connects with children’s 

everyday life experiences and nurtures

their interest in mathematical

sense making and reasoning!

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MathXplorers taps into

children's sense of wonder,

nurtures mathematical abilities,

and inspires creativity.

Captivated by the characters and images,

young learners follow the story

eager to know

what will happen next.

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As the story unfolds,

the characters get into trouble.

They need the children's help

for creative math solutions.

Math is in the story,

Math is in the images.

Math is in helping the characters!

Children are the young mathematicians!

For each story,
there are math questions, activities,
big idea cards, and problems to solve 

Make math learning tangible. Download design activities, games, and big idea card templates

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Lessons for the Math Stories

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We created lesson plans to accompany the storybooks. MathXplorers provides children with opportunities to explore conceptual and logical reasoning through context-based and open-ended problem-solving. ​

Our storybooks are designed to celebrate diversity and grow children’s creativity. Through simulated real-world problems, children explore, analyze, and come up with their unique strategies to model mathematically as a way to problem-solve.

Lesson activities provide students with a review of foundational math concepts aligned with the standards. Children learn how to make sense of the situations and problems in the stories by using math ideas likened to language, to express their logic and reasoning. 

Schools, after-school programs, community organizations, teachers, parents, and tutors are invited to join our intercultural community of Math Storytellers.

We all belong to a multicultural world and highlighting social-inter-cultural dynamics in our stories is relevant to our children's future and fosters a better world for everyone.

Math is a gateway to children's future careers.

Our goal is to create an equal playing field and enrich math learning for ALL students. The way we teach and the way a child learns math opens access to reach their potential.

Share and learn from the experiences of teaching and learning with the community of math storytellers.

Let's make math learning joyful and exciting!

We invite you to read our stories to your children

and engage them to do the math

with the people in the town of Whatever.

Learning math ideas in context and

loving math learning are invaluable investments in

a child's sense of math, self-confidence, and sense of self.

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A Picture Book Box
with Hands-on Manipulables

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