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Maya and Ramon have a problem. The shirt they’ve designed for a very tall man is missing some buttons! Together with their friend Bikoy, read the story and with your mathpack and mathpops, help them solve this problem!


Discover equations by exploring how to make bigger numbers with smaller numbers by adding to, putting together, and using math symbols to solve real world problems.

Maya the Clothes Maker and Ramon the Button Maker Book

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  • This is the BOXED VERSION and is bunled with a MATHPACK or ALL the MANIPULABLES for the math activities included in the book. 

    Collect math big idea cards. Design your own. Use them to help solve the problems in the story.

    Button Box. Decorate your buttons and organize them into sets. If Ramon makes no more than 6 buttons in a set, how will he solve the problem of needing 10 or more buttons for a shirt?

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