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Manuel’s Shape Studio is famous for making tabletops out of different shapes. One day a family comes to visit. “How can we use triangles to make animal shapes?”


Together with Amyel, read the story and with your MathPack and MathPops, help the family solve the problem with triangles and other shapes! Join their adventure in building the River Bridge!


Discover geometry by exploring how triangles make other shapes. Analyze sides and corners, make comparisons, and build shapes with shapes!

Manuel the Table Maker

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  • Total pages: 58 size 8.5 x 11

    Fun math activities include: drawing yourself as a character doing something in your free time; Help Lina and her family see what makes  triangles different from each other by playing the Triangle Card game solo or with a friend; Help the enineers design and build a bridge with polygons; Use triangles to help the family decorate their animal designs. Let's go MathXplorers!

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